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Proud to be a Creative Kids Provider Member

Welcome to Splash on Peel, where we focus on helping kids find the artist in each of us by opening up the world of art, creativity, imagination, and fun to young minds everywhere. We are a registered provider for the Creative Kids program, and as a Creative Kids provider, we take pride in offering kids the most exciting, engaging, fun, and creative learning experience possible. We can also help if you have questions about your Creative Kids Voucher, or about how to get or redeem one.

Art has been one of the most powerful mediums for young people when it comes to the different tools used in learning. In addition to helping children learn new skills, as a Creative Kids provider, we also strive to offer kids experiential learning opportunities. From art tools and kits to tutorials and supplies, at Splash on Peel, we have everything your children or students need to discover the joy and the possibilities of art. And you will find more tools and creative teaching resources to help your kids excel.

Thank you for stopping by Splash on Peel, and for more information about our products, services, or school and art supplies please don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help. If you have questions about the Creative Kids program, about how to redeem a Creative Kids Voucher, or how to get started, talk to one of our friendly and helpful team members today. Together, we can help our children learn and grow through art and each other.